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OCF - Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Sold by 500ml. This is our 2019 harvest of wonderful Calaveras County California-produced Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a 500ml 16.9 oz. dark glass Italian Anfora bottle. The cap is a screw-type and includes a pouring nozzle insert The Arbequina olive originated from the Catalonia region of Spain. Our November 2019 harvest is medium-bodied fresh and herbaceous with a Pepper finish. The olives were harvested solely by hand and rushed to the mill within hours for superior flavor and superb quality. The oil is unfiltered to avoid compromising the flavor as seen with oil filtered through artificial means. The oil has been lab-tested to ensure high quality and also meets standards to qualify as Extra Virgin 0.06% Free fatty acids- CA standard requires less than 0.5% . These olives were grown pesticide and herbicide-free.