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Eczema Skin Balm 2oz


Help restore your skin and so the healing can begin with a healthy diet and this emollient oil and herbal blend. A rich, soothing, supportive topical balm for itchy, scaly, dry, inflamed, or cracked skin. Made with 100% organic herbs and oils.

Ingredients: Sesame*, Olive*, Sunflower*, Castor*, Jojoba*, & Black Seed* oils, Beeswax*, Plantago major* (Plantain) leaves, Aloe vera* powder, Stellaria media* (Chickweed), Calendula officinalis* (Calendula) flowers, Thymus vulgaris* (Thyme), Althaea officinalis* (Marshmallow) rt., Hypericum perforatum* (St. John's Wort), Arctium lappa* (Burdock) rt., Commiphora myrrha* (Myrrh). (*Certified organic ingredient.)

More info: Although the exact cause of eczema is not yet known, we do know that it is a chronic inflammatory condition and the immune system is involved. An overactive immune system can produce inflammation causing skin to itch and develop a rash. Damage to the skin barrier can then increase exposure to irritants causing more symptoms and possibly infection.

Eating certain foods can also trigger the body to release immune system compounds that cause inflammation, contributing to an eczema flare-up.  These may include citrus fruits, dairy, eggs, wheat or gluten, soy, tomatoes, some nuts, and some spices.

Some anti-inflammatory foods to include in your diet are fish (that are high in omega 3's); food containing probiotics (yogurt with live and active cultures, miso soup, kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut); foods high in flavanoids which are rich in antioxidant activity (apples, broccoli, spinach, kale cherries.)

Directions: Apply to skin with clean dry hands. Rub in well. Re-apply several times a day, as needed.