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HerbalMedRx - Organic Cleansing Tooth Powder


Studies have shown that tooth powder can be more effective at removing plaque than toothpaste. De-mineralization is the weakening of the enamel that preludes damage such as cavities. Therefore re-mineralizing through proper oral hygiene is crucial. Suggested use: Just dip your clean toothbrush lightly into jar and brush as normal. It doesn’t take much! Rinse well. We recommend adding our organic Oral Pulling Oil to complete your oral hygiene program. Made with 100% certified organic ingredients: Calcium Bentonite Clay* Calcium Carbonate* Peppermint leaf* powder Cinnamon* powder Magnesium Citrate Shave grass* powder Clove* powder Stevia* leaf powder essential oils of Cinnamon* Fennel* Wintergreen* Clove*. *Certified organic ingredient.
34 g