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This herbaceous perennial member of the Borage family has a variety of uses, from improving soil health, to attracting pollinators, and even fertilizing other plants.

It is known in permaculture circles as a dynamic accumulator or nutrient accumulator; its long, thick taproots reach deep into the soil and draw potassium, calcium, and magnesium up into the above-ground parts, where they accumulate in the foliage. deep taproots are useful for breaking up hard, heavy clay soils.

The ovate leaves grow rapidly and, if repeatedly cut down, comfrey can continue to flower all through the summer. Apply the freshly cut leaves as a mulch directly on top of the soil, but for a neater look, they can be chopped up and worked into the top few inches instead. Cut leaves applied as mulch provide a much-needed source of potassium.

This green manure can also be planted in a ring around perennial fruit, nut, or ornamental trees.